Daiana is a human librarian, best known for being the mother of the hero Dalton. Edit

History Edit

Daiana was born in Exmoor, though she never got to know her parents. Most of her life was spent going between different orphanages, before eventually settling in Kingsburg as a young woman. In the years prior she lived a sheltered life, reading books in solitude, and hardly ever interacting with the other orphans or even the workers at her orphanage. Due to this, she was declared a "problem child" and was moved between different help centers, who tried to break her out of her shell.

Though considered unsuccessful, the help centers taught Daiana that eventually someone or something may come along, a person, or a place, that she would be willing to open up to. When she was an adult she moved into Kingsburg, though the city is known for its vast Dwarven population, she thought the solitary life would suit her, and that running a bookstore could be possible in a city that large.

For many years she spent time in the Drowned Quarter of the city, establishing some capital by working as a washwoman, and a maid, until she had enough money to start her bookstore. During these days she did find some need to start opening up to people.