Lord Dalton, formerly Daitor, is a Half-Orc Druid working to end The Long Summer plaguing Exmoor.

Appearance Edit

Dalton is a tall, grey-skinned Half-Orc that, thanks to his wrinkles and liver spots, looks as old as he is. Additionally, his black hair and beard are perpetually long and wild, not styled in any meaningful way. Like most Half-Orcs, he has two tusks on his lower lip, both of which are yellowed.

Dalton isn't exactly the most fashionable, often wearing whatever armor and rags he can scavenge together. Currently, he wears dark green robes accompanied by a breastplate.

The only two consistent pieces of Dalton's wardrobe include a pair of deer antlers he wears atop his head and his druidic focus. This focus is an old piece of wood from the Feywild, meticulously carved to resemble a stag's hoof. Tied to small rope, Dalton wears his focus around his neck.

After leaving his antlers with his bodyguard, Bree, Dalton constructed a new set out of charred wood.

Personality Edit

Always positive, Dalton is a firm believer that when things look dour, there can always be a positive outcome. After all, he made a vow to protect the realm and has sacrifice both his mind and body to do so. To that end, Dalton makes decisions quickly, excusing the risks if they only leave him in danger. Unfortunately, this tends to mean he thinks whatever course of action he decides is the most correct.

A pretty plain speaker, Dalton often takes what people say literally. He usually gets their meaning after thinking on it, but that doesn't stop him from questioning them first. Despite that, he has a great sense of empathy, trying his best to provide guidance when others are conflicted.

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Being a Champion of the Warden, Dalton trained under him in the Feywild and grew into a powerful Druid. When he returned to the material plane, his amnesia wiped a lot of what he knew save for the essentials. By the time he met the Warden in Kingsburg, he had recovered most of what he learned.

Being a Druid, Dalton can channel the Warden's energy to cast a number of spells and change shape, all for the purpose of protecting others. He is particularly adept at wild shapes, changing into them quicker than others and being able to take on Elemental forms. When assuming his elemental forms, Dalton usually maintains the shape of his antlers atop his new head.

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  • Dalton is played by Bill.