Lord Patrick McNaught is a Dragonborn Eldritch Knight currently fighting to end The Long Summer and bring an end to the dangers looming over Exmoor

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Patrick is a tall dragonborn with scales of a golden hue that are predominantly bright as a polished coin with some as dull as copper. His size and strength are the two most notable things about him from a glance, towering over most other humanoids. Additionally, Patrick has three large scars running down the left side of his face from his run-in with Ivan.

Patrick had a set of armor forged to help in his fight against evil forces. With help of the forge-master at the Greypeak, the Plate of the Lightkiller was created. This armor, a bright, reddish color, has been worn since its creation and provides Patrick with additional help with his spellcasting.

At this point, Patrick's signature weapon is a pendulum he ripped off the ceiling of a death trap and fashioned into a weapon with the help of The Cabal. Nowadays, even if not being used, The Pendulum of Thunder will be nearby.

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Patrick has a strong sense of right and wrong and seeks to look for and help others in a similar disposition to his own to help with the knowledge and experience he has gained. He tries to be as self-sufficient and preserving as possible in any given task. With this in mind, he is not above looking towards others with more experience in fields he lacks knowledge in.

Patrick has a strong hatred for beings that subvert the natural order and has made it his life's mission to eliminate them. He can be dogmatic in his belief that they are better off removed entirely and needs much convincing to go against this point.

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Patrick's battle etiquette comes mostly from a mixture of his upbringing with his magically educated father and time in Castillion. He dived into researching how to fight off the supernatural for most of his teenage years and early adulthood. He has formed his fighting style specifically to protect against and slay any demonic, fiendish, or otherwise evil beings he may encounter on his quests.

Being an Eldritch Knight, Patrick can attack many enemies in a fraction of a second and make his way through groups of foes with ease. His spellcasting leans on being reactive or protective, catering towards shrugging off damage, avoiding hits, cover large distances, or even change his size.

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  • Patrick is played by Dan.